Tank Systems

StaVin Tank systems are economical and ecologically responsible oak products for barrel alternatives. Our goal is to help your winery save on production costs while giving you the flavor profile and mouthfeel you are currently getting from your favorite barrel program.

Did you know that StaVin can produce 500 barrel equivalent units from 1 mature oak tree compared to producing just 5 traditional barrels?

In barrels, only 10% of the oak used in making the barrel actually contacts your wine. StaVin oak is always 100% in contact with your wine. Think about it—by using Tank systems in a stainless tank with micro-oxygenation, you can design the exact amount of aeration the varietal needs, helping the wine reach its full potential while giving the same traditional flavors you get from your best barrel program.

StaVin’s program is 85% less expensive than a barrel program. The real economics are in labor, logistics, warehouse space, electricity and water. Savings from reduced ullage alone more than pays for your oak.

tank fanWhether installing our Stave Fans (above), Oak Beans (below) or Stave Segments (at bottom), StaVin offers an array of techniques and toast levels to achieve the exact barrel flavor profiles you’re looking for.

tank bean bags

tank int seg bags



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