Savour Oak

Savour Oak’s long-cycle convection oven-toasted oak is an addition to StaVin’s traditional fire-toasted products. Naturally seasoned for 3 years like our StaVin line, Savour Oak brings high vanilla and sugar notes to your wines. Now you have a choice of toasted oak from StaVin—the same fine purveyor of oak whose consistent quality and impeccable service has been serving the international wine industry for 28 years.

The primary difference between StaVin and Savour Oak products is the method of toasting. The StaVin line is toasted by hand using traditional oak fires. The Savour Oak line utilizes long-cycle convection oven toasting. These different toasting protocols result in 2 separate, yet synergistic styles of toasted oak.

StaVin fire-toasted oak is characterized by the nostalgic aromas and textures commonly associated with high quality, fire-toasted barrels. Hand fire-toasting produces a temperature gradient throughout the wood resulting in complex layers of flavors.

In contrast, Savour Oak displays a uniform toast throughout the oak, exhibiting more sweet characters in the aromatics and increased viscosity on the palate.

string bean pilechips pileSavour Oak includes the following products: Stave Fans, Segments, the Replica and the Insert. In addition, Savour Oak introduces two new products: the String Bean and the Fermentation Chip (pictured, above). Each is an effective, natural ingredient for initiating the stabilization of color and cross-linking tannins, which help build a wine’s structure.

Fermentation Chips are an economic method of incorporating toasted oak into fermentations. 3 factors make them a suitable choice: First, they are a fast-extracting, high-quality oak that provides compounds to enhance a wine’s color, aromatics and mouthfeel. Secondly, they are easy to include in your crush protocol. A third benefit is their low cost.

Savour Oak convection toast products are made with the same dedication as all StaVin products. We are the company with the long-standing reputation for the highest standards of ongoing research and innovative product development.



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