StaVin’s ongoing commitment to enhancing winemaking through the use of innovative technologies and superior Oak Integration Systems is unparalleled.

During the past 28 years we have introduced innovative, efficient, fiscally responsible methods of integrating premium oak flavors into wines. Our research has helped us to refine the techniques we offer to stylize wines: Using blind, sensory evaluation, our Director of Research will help you determine the oak concentrations, toast levels and types of oak that optimally integrate with your wines. This research saves you time.

To assure that our products exceed all expectations, we have committed to research, experiments and numerous trials with winemakers, chemists, research specialists and universities.

The following research documents, by Dr. Jeff McCord and Dr. Jeff Murrell are downloadable as PDFs.

Innovation using Oak and Oxygenation for Winemaking
(This informative and newly updated book from Dr. Jeff McCord, our Director of Research, and Dr. Jeff Murrell, covers topics such as macro-aeration and micro-oxygenation with the use of StaVin’s proprietary Oak Integration Systems, the chemistry of toasted oak and oxygen’s enhancement of red wines, co-pigmentation, and palate enhancement)

Micro-Oxygenation: A Treatise

Application of Toasted Oak and Micro-Oxygenation to Aging of Cabernet Sauvignon Wines

Aeration During Fermentation

Oak and Fermentation

White Wine: Tank Stirring and Maturation Techniques

The OxBox Manual

Oak Addition Calculator



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