Barrel Replica

Use the StaVin Barrel Replica to impart 3-year seasoned French, American or Hungarian oak to your neutral barrels. It comes in our 3 toasting preparations: StaVin Fire, Convection Oven and Barrel Head. We can also blend all 3 toasts to create your favorite barrel blends.

Installation is easy. Screw the stainless eye hook (included in the package) into the bottom of your bung, thread the end loop through the eye hook and over the top of the bung. Cinch the cord to anchor the Replica to the Bung and then feed the Replica sections into the neutral barrel. You now have new barrel flavors in your old barrel at an 85% cost savings. The Replica has been the clear choice for controlling expenditures while adding subtle, high quality oak complexities to your wines.

barrel-replicaThe StaVin Barrel Replica is versatile. If you favor less oak (50% of new barrel extraction spread over 2 barrels), cut the 10 sections into 2 groups of 5. A loop is provided at each end. The picture below depicts the Replica with 2 Barrel Head sections, one on each end (note the lighter toast levels).


Just in, as a convenient alternative we now offer a new premium quality silicone bung with a built-in fastening point/eye. Pictured at left, this feature eliminates the need to screw an eyehook into the bottom of a bung when installing the StaVin Barrel Replica.



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