Barrel Systems

StaVin’s barrel systems are a unique onsite method for integrating high quality flavor from StaVin’s 3-year seasoned, fire-toasted staves into your wines utilizing your existing neutral barrels.

These varied systems reduce the need to purchase new barrels every year while at the same time satisfying those winemakers’ tastes and needs in keeping with a high quality barrel program. StaVin has won many blind tastings competing against new barrels.

StaVin barrel systems quickly offer the winemaker the control and flexibility to convert an American barrel into a French or Hungarian barrel.

tube barrelreplicaOur systems range from the Infusion Tube (above left), the Barrel Replica (above right) or Barrel Inserts (below). Each system rejuvenates a barrel with its own distinctive technique, offering its own advantages.

barrel staves



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