Barrel Head

After naturally seasoning premium oak for a minimum of 3 years, we apply a proprietary heat treatment. This “barrel head” oak is then used in conjunction with our fire-toasted products to emulate the nostalgic aromas and textures of the highest quality barrels.

In a traditional barrel, more than 25% of its surface area is the untoasted heads. StaVin’s Barrel Head component improves the combination of flavors by replacing those untoasted head staves with heat-treated oak.

At a cost savings up to 95%, the blending of StaVin’s Barrel Head with our fire-toasted oak represents a significant advancement in replicating the rich textural elements found in the finest traditional barrels.

In the final analysis, the StaVin Barrel Head enhances wines with a greater texture and mouthfeel, more elegant complex flavor profiles and rounded high notes in the aromas.

seg bag

string bean pile
Use Barrel Head Segments (pictured above) or Barrel Head Long Beans (pictured at right) with our fire-toasted products. The Barrel Replica (pictured below) has two end sections that are heated using the Barrel Head Convection Oven process.



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