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In 1990, wanting to create a small, family business with soul, Alan and Steve Sullivan created StaVin. Their goal was to produce handcrafted, toasted oak integration products to compete with, and ultimately replace, barrels. The increasing costs associated with barrels reinforced their belief that the industry needed a very consistent high quality, fire-toasted barrel alternative.

Visits to cooperages taught the Sullivans how the finest barrels were produced and offered the keys to unlocking the best flavors from oak for winemaking. It was apparent that sourcing from quality forests was important. However, most notable was the patient seasoning of the oak for 3 full years and slow, traditional toasting conducted by the most experienced coopers in the field. This knowledge is the foundation upon which Steve and Alan created the model that functions at StaVin today.

We take pride in our meticulously trained toasting crew, many have been with us since the early days. We’re a relatively small company and work together more like a family than employees.

To service your needs, two Ph.D. chemists are on staff, with extensive backgrounds in wine chemistry and oak. One can help you stylize your wines, while the other can guide you with the proper aeration as your wine is being crafted. Our office is highly trained and can execute your orders quickly and accurately. We’re equipped with the most powerful database in the business, designed to help you manage your product usage with the utmost of ease.

We thank you for the privilege of delivering consistent, high quality oak products—and for a partnership that delivers highly acclaimed wines.


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