To hang fans, Weld C-rings to tank wall at 3-foot intervals to support stainless chain.

The # 304 stainless pigtail is wired to a chain that surrounds the tank. The wine circulates around 100% of the staves.
Use your resources more efficiently and maintain quality by installing Tank Fans. You will also realize savings up to 85%.
StaVin's poly-metal bag guarantees that Tank Fans arrive in pristine condition. Pleasing, complex aromas will assure you that StaVin's premium toasted oak will greatly benefit your wines.
Real Economics:
Dosage rate For 100% new barrel impact, use one 44 sq ft (4.1 sq m) Fan pack per 180 gal (681 l)
Length 36 inch (91cm)
Width 1.5-2.5 inches (3.8 - 6.4 cm)
Thickness approx. 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Contact time 3 months minimum
Seasoning 3 years in natural elements
Toast method Traditional fire
Useful life 2 years
Type of oak American, French or Hungarian
Displacement 4.3 gal (16 l)

Staves are supplied in a 44 sq. ft. pack and can be installed as a Fan, Matrix or Tank Modular system. Please specify system.