StaVin's Tank Systems are practical, economical and ecologically responsible products for barrel replacement. Compared to barrels, Tank Systems provide savings to your winery and the environment, delivering traditional, fire-toasted oak flavors without compromise.
Compared to barrels in warehouses, our staves, installed in tanks with micro-oxygenation, are tremendously efficient.
In barrels, 90% of the oak is used to maintain the structural integrity. StaVin oak products use 100% of the oak's surface area for flavor.

Using StaVin's Tank Systems with micro-oxgenation as prescribed, your wine reaches its full potential: the same traditional flavor as the wine in your favorite barrels. StaVin systems cost up to 85% less than new barrel programs. There are real economies in labor, logistics, warehouse space, electricity and water. Savings from reduced ullage more than pays for the StaVin Tank Systems.
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