Stave Fans

Use your resources more efficiently and maintain quality by installing Tank Fans. You will also realize savings up to 85% on production costs.

Stave Fans offer convenient handling in and out of tanks, requiring minimal hardware for setup. Add to that, free-floating orientation minimizes the buildup of lees. And highly flexible: when in wine, the hanging fans stay above the floor for fermentation and lees-stirring programs.

StaVin’s poly-metal bag guarantees that Tank Fans arrive in pristine condition. Pleasing, complex aromas will assure you that StaVin’s premium 3-year toasted oak will greatly benefit your wines.

stave endsA variety of toast methods and toast levels make tank fans a powerful tool to steer your program in the direction of whichever particular flavors and aromas are desired.

stave fan
stave fanCombine our Barrel Head Fan (shown above) with our Medium Plus Fire-Toasted Fan (shown on the left) to achieve high quality barrel flavors and mouthfeel from your tanks.

To hang Fans, weld C-rings to tank wall circumference (as shown above far right) at 3-foot intervals, and 3-feet off the floor to anchor the main stainless support chain. Then simply wire the Fan’s 304 grade stainless pigtail to the chain.



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