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The StaVin Barrel Insert is an excellent onsite method for integrating three year seasoned, premium fire-toasted oak into your neutral barrels. Use the Insert to add a new or concentrated barrel equivalent during fermentation or maturation. Compared to using new barrels, your winery will save up to 85% - without compromising quality.

Real Economics:

Our dedication to quality helps winemakers around the world create wines that are fruit forward, with elegant nuances of complex, toasted oak flavors and aromas.

One of StaVin's innovative and ecologically responsible products, the Insert is comprised of two stave sections on either side of the bunghole. # 316 stainless steel rings secure the staves to the barrel wall. The Insert leaves the bottom of the barrel open to accommodate a sur lies program.

Our coopers are efficient and thorough.
Unbleached flour paste (made with distilled water) is used to assure a leak-proof seal on the heads.

Dosage rate: Insert

For 100% new barrel impact, use 1 Insert Pack per 60 gal (227 l)*
Concentrated Insert For 135% new barrel impact, use 1 Concentrated pack per 60 gal (227 l)*
Contact time 3 months minimum
Seasoning 3 years in natural elements
Toast method Traditional fire
Toast levels Medium, Medium Plus or Heavy
Useful life 2 years
Type of oak American, French or Hungarian
Concentrated Insert

1.3 gal (4.9 l)
1.6 gal (6.0l)

*These percentages are approximate, dependent upon the winemaker's taste threshold and variables in the production process.
Spaces between the stave and wall allow the wine to circulate over 100% of the Insert's staves.
The StaVin brand signifies that your barrel has been refreshed with premium staves and craftsmanship.